Photography Courses by Serge Ramelli

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Free Photography Toolbox

In the FREE Photography Toolbox by Serge Ramelli

You will receive:

FREE Lightroom presets and profiles

FREE Photoshop brushes

FREE Premier profiles

FREE Sky replacements

FREE textures

Videos how to install presets and profiles

Video how to do sky replacement

Video how to use Photoshop brushes and textures

Fine Art Photos From Your Phone

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In this 2-hour Crash Course,  Serge Ramelli is going to take you to Paris, Capri and Venice and we will be using an iPhone and a Samsung s22 Ultra.

Using just the Camera app, Lightroom mobile, and Snapseed, he will show you how to take stunning photos at different times during the day.

He could not believe the results he was getting out of these phones!

This course is all about finding the right composition, the right settings so that the photo is useable, and getting the BEST out of your photos using Lightroom mobile and Snapseed.

Zero To Pro

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This bundle includes 6 products by Serge Ramelli to help you create your own stunning photos!

Photography Basics-

Learn the basics of photography such as shutter speed, ISO, aperture, so you can get tac-sharp photos by hand or tripod in daytime or nighttime.

The Art Of Finding The Right Photo: Composition-

Learn step by step of how you can take professional actions to find the right composition in an environment so your photograph could be a lot more interesting for your viewers.

The Art Of Retouching: Natural Drama-

Have the secret to epic photography by using natural colors to create an emotional impact. ​

The Art Of Publishing: Print & Web-

​Learn how to correctly publish your photos in print or with a lab, which in this digital age is becoming increasingly more popular. ​

The Art Of Creating An Impact: Social Media-

The secret to get from 0 subscribers to over 700K subscribers on YouTube and over 118k followers on Instagram in less than 30 days!​

The Art Of Making Money With What You Love: Business-

​Own a profitable machine and becoming the go-to guy or girl in the field you choose while doing what you love. And to share your creation to the world!

Cityscapes Masterclass

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This course will take you through 3 hours of video where Serge Ramelli shows you how to capture the most stunning cityscapes using his proven "Natural Drama" Technique.

With live video from all over the beautiful city of Paris, France he takes you through 4 retouching projects - including behind-the-scenes videos where he shows you his composition and process.

This course will show you professional-grade techniques for creating the gallery and publisher approved cityscape shots - and the secret behind his most popular photos.

Signature Photography Series

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This is the ultimate bundle by Serge Ramelli to improve your photography.

Along with 290 presets, this bundle will take you through 8 hours of video where Serge shows you how to install the presets, use them, and how they will help you get to the next level of photography.

Learn Serge's entire presets workflow that got him into galleries!

Also included is the Landscape Masterclass  where you learn exposure and composition, retouching, HDR, long exposure, panorama, astrophotography, and more!

Florida Sky Replacement Photos

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Receive 110 high resolution digital photos of Florida skies taken by Serge Ramelli to do sky replacements on fine art photography. Create very powerful images that you can sell in galleries and boost your social media.

You will receive dramatic skies, golden hour skies, sunset skies, blue hour skies, and a tutorial how to use them.  You can use these skies in Luminar, Photoshop, and Affinity Photo.

Bad Weather, Bad Light No Problem

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This course by Serge Ramelli will teach you how to create Natural Dramatic Photography when the weather is bad or you don't have a good lighting opportunity. Never miss creating art while you're traveling again.

In this course, Serge shares the unique formulas he has developed after years of working for top-rated clients. 

Serge will show you some composition ideas to get amazing photos during bad weather or broad daylight: This will make traveling for photography a LOT more interesting because you will come back with 10x more photos than you normally would.

By the end of this masterclass you will:

Know the camera settings to take amazing natural drama photos in bad weather.

Master an easy workflow in Lightroom to get the best out of your raw files.

Know composition tricks that will make your photos more interesting.

Know advanced dodge and burn techniques that will make your work stand out!

Fine Art Photography Masterclass

In the Fine Art Masterclass Serge Ramelli teaches you how to shoot and retouch fine art photography professionally.

He goes through all his published coffee-table books and shows you how he shot and retouched the cover photos as well as photos from throughout the books.

He shows you how to set up your camera, framing, rule of thirds and much more. 

Included are interviews with Serge sharing:

How he got into photography,

How he got published in magazines and sold his first photos, 

How he got the book deal,

How he got into galleries,

And how you can do it, too.

Expert Photography Secrets Webinar

Watch this FREE Expert Photography Secrets Webinar by Serge Ramelli and get the FREE Photography Toolbox with some of his best presets, textures, profiles, and skies! 

Learn how you can become a more successful photographer and achieve the success that you want. 

Learn the 3 secrets that changed Serge's life as a photographer and as an artist.

Learn how to gain access to Serge's private PhotoSerge Academy on Facebook where he does live videos each week editing your raw photos and giving feedback. Serge will be your coach to help boost your photography to the next level.

Be in a tight-knit group with Serge's top students and take the same courses together.

Photoserge Institute of Photography

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Earn your Master of Photography in Serge Ramelli's Photoserge Institute of Photography.

Would you like to be mentored by a world-renowned photographer to boost your photography? I recommend Serge Ramelli's Photoserge Institute of Photography.

The Institute is an online mentoring course with Serge Ramelli where you submit photos for each lesson and receive honest feedback on every single photo. He will push you to become a better photographer to boost your photography to a higher level. After completing the assignments you will receive a diploma making you a certified photographer! I graduated from the Institute in 2020 and it made a huge difference in my work where now I can make a living with it.

This course is designed to help you develop a stronger portfolio which is the number one thing that can help you grow your photography business. I learned very helpful tips for editing cityscape and landscape shots taken at different times of the day. Also workflow tips, HDR, panorama, using Luminar and Aurora, and doing an environmental portrait. If you want to get better results with your photography, Serge's coaching in the Institute will help!

This is what I like about the Institute:

You can work at your own pace, there are no deadlines.

The videos are short enough that you can easily watch them in your schedule.

This is for all level photographers, beginner to advanced.

This program provides much more feedback than other online courses.

Serge will tailor his feedback to your level and will challenge you to grow beyond what the lessons are about.

You can ask questions throughout the process for personalized feedback.

You will become a member of the PhotoSerge Institute of Photography Community, a private group of all the Institute students where you can see the photos they submit and learn from reading Serge's feedback on them.

The course helps you master your camera settings, different shooting situations, and editing tasks.

Serge also coaches you on the side to help you develop your photography business and reach your goals and dreams for the future. This goes beyond what the Institute lessons are about! He will help you strategize for a successful future. You will be able to contact him personally for advice. I can say Serge's coaching has made a huge difference in my life where I can now make a living with photography.

After completing the lessons and final exam you will receive a diploma to be a certified photographer!

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about it, thanks!

Unreal Engine Masterclass

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Did you know that creating amazing 3d art and combining it with real photos can be easy?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing that it takes years to learn, and while that used to be true, Serge Ramelli will share three secrets with you today that are going to revolutionize the way you can create anything with a free 3d software.

Serge Ramelli

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Serge Ramelli is a renowned French photographer from Paris who has over 614,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, the number one channel on Lightroom in the world. Serge is a landscape and cityscape photographer whose fine art is being sold in YellowKorner, one of the largest gallery networks with over 85 galleries around the world. Serge has published 7 coffee table books with Teneues about New York, Paris, Venice, Los Angeles, and Barcelona.

Serge Ramelli enjoys teaching photography with the goal of helping his students achieve success. Serge has many courses about Lightroom and Photoshop. He coaches students in his private Facebook group, the PhotoSerge Academy, and in his new mentorship program, the PhotoSerge Institute of Photography, where students complete assignments to receive a diploma and become a certified photographer. 

Liesl Walsh

Liesl at Venice Island Gallery

Serge Ramelli's training has made a huge impact on my growth as a photographer. Watching his courses has inspired my artistry and increased my skills in Lightroom and Photoshop. His courses are easy to understand and fun to watch.

One of the things I like about being in Serge's private PhotoSerge Academy on Facebook is to get feedback on my photos during his live videos each week where he retouches our raw photos. He's given me helpful advice how to improve and answers questions I have about photography. I graduated from his mentorship program, the PhotoSerge Institute of Photography, earning a diploma certifying me as Master of Photography. It really pushed my photography to a higher level.

Serge's training really works. After taking his courses I am now selling my photography online, have been published in magazines, have sold in an art gallery, become known locally for my work, and got hired as the photographer for an art museum. His coaching has helped me reach new levels of success, and he wants the same for you!

Thank you, Serge!

Please contact me to learn more about the PhotoSerge Institute of Photography. I can help you get started! 

If you purchase Serge's courses or products from these links you will help support my photography. Thank you!

Liesl Walsh

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