Photography Courses by Serge Ramelli

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Free Photography Toolbox

In the FREE Photography Toolbox by Serge Ramelli

You will receive:

FREE Lightroom presets and profiles

FREE Photoshop brushes

FREE Premier profiles

FREE Sky replacements

FREE textures

Videos how to install presets and profiles

Video how to do sky replacement

Video how to use Photoshop brushes and textures

Fine Art Photography Masterclass

In the Fine Art Masterclass Serge Ramelli teaches you how to shoot and retouch fine art photography professionally.

He goes through all his published coffee-table books and shows you how he shot and retouched the cover photos as well as photos from throughout the books.

He shows you how to set up your camera, framing, rule of thirds and much more. 

Included are interviews with Serge sharing:

How he got into photography,

How he got published in magazines and sold his first photos, 

How he got the book deal,

How he got into galleries,

And how you can do it, too.

Expert Photography Secrets Webinar

Watch this FREE Expert Photography Secrets Webinar by Serge Ramelli and get the FREE Photography Toolbox with some of his best presets, textures, profiles, and skies! 

Learn how you can become a more successful photographer and achieve the success that you want. 

Learn the 3 secrets that changed Serge's life as a photographer and as an artist.

Learn how to gain access to Serge's private PhotoSerge Academy on Facebook where he does live videos each week editing your raw photos and giving feedback. Serge will be your coach to help boost your photography to the next level.

Be in a tight-knit group with Serge's top students and take the same courses together.

Serge Ramelli

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Serge Ramelli is a renowned French photographer from Paris who has over 614,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, the number one channel on Lightroom in the world. Serge is a landscape and cityscape photographer whose fine art is being sold in YellowKorner, one of the largest gallery networks with over 85 galleries around the world. Serge has published 7 coffee table books with Teneues about New York, Paris, Venice, Los Angeles, and Barcelona.

Serge Ramelli enjoys teaching photography with the goal of helping his students achieve success. Serge has many courses about Lightroom and Photoshop. He coaches students in his private Facebook group, the PhotoSerge Academy, and in his new mentorship program, the PhotoSerge Institute of Photography, where students complete assignments to receive a diploma and become a certified photographer. 

Liesl Walsh

Liesl at Venice Island Gallery

Serge Ramelli's training has made a huge impact on my growth as a photographer. Watching his courses has inspired my artistry and increased my skills in Lightroom and Photoshop. His courses are easy to understand and fun to watch.

One of the things I like about being in Serge's private PhotoSerge Academy on Facebook is to get feedback on my photos during his live videos each week where he retouches our raw photos. He's given me helpful advice how to improve and answers questions I have about photography. I graduated from his mentorship program, the PhotoSerge Institute of Photography, and it really pushed my photography to a higher level.

Serge's training really works. After taking his courses I am now selling my photography online, have been published in magazines, have sold in an art gallery, become known locally for my work, and got hired as the photographer for an art museum. His coaching has helped me reach new levels of success, and he wants the same for you!

Thank you, Serge!

Please contact me to learn more about the PhotoSerge Institute of Photography.

If you purchase Serge's courses or products from these links you will help support my photography. Thank you!

Liesl Walsh

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